DIY Old Window = Upcycled Chalkboard

The cottage always brings great memories to mind and a few years ago I grabbed a couple of the old porch windows for some projects. There they sat, in our basement, waiting for me to decide what to do with them. I finally have two ideas that I am really excited to try. The first one was to make the window into a chalkboard for our kitchen. In the photos here I have been using it as a menu board but I think I might do more of weekly schedule on it instead of just meals. 

I purchased a roll of chalkboard contact paper from Amazon. It is great because it is easy to remove so if I get tired of my chalkboard in a few years I can convert it back to a window fairly quickly. One of the window panes was broken so for the time being I have covered it in cardboard instead of replacing the glass. It will look nicer when I do replace the glass, the cardboard has fine lines in it that can be seen through the contact paper but I was trying to keep this as cheap as possible for the time being. 

I started by cleaning the glass on the side that  the paper would stick to. I used my Norwex cloths (if you don’t know what Norwex is click on the name and find out! They are amazing cleaning cloths and supplies that are chemical free. I used the enviro cloth and the polishing cloth.) I then had to vacuum the window edges again b/c so much old paint kept chipping off and I didn’t want it between the glass and the paper. 
Next I had to measure out the right amount of contact paper and stick it onto each pane. Easier said than done! It was hard to apply the paper straight. Good to also have wall paper applier or similar hard edge around to help with the air bubbles. I also had to measure and cut out the cardboard for the bottom broken pane. I’m happy with how it turned out, it is a huge window though. My hubby helped by putting some saw tooth picture hangers on the back and hung it for me as well. We laughed after it was hung because the window definitely warped over time, it looks kinda crooked on the wall! 

window chalkboard diy